About Us

First Health Services LLC (FHS) is a duly registered Health Care Agency in the State of Maryland, and certified Maryland Department of Health, Behavioral Health Administration to provide services in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services and Out Patient Mental Health Services (OMHC) for both Adults and Children.

Our Motto: “First Health Services-Health First”

Outpatient Mental Clinic docs

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide and promote comprehensive behavioral health and well-being to the multicultural and diverse populations of the State of Maryland. This shall be achieved by setting high standards, encouraging honest feedback, and rewarding consumer achievements.

Our Vision

We are dedicated and committed to empowering and promoting the health, independence, rights, dignity and social interaction of Consumers and families so as to enable full participate in society, realize their full potential, and live a better life.

Our Goals

First Health Services LLC goal shall be to provide the support an individual need with his or her personal journey of recovery.  This shall be achieved by developing an individualized treatment approach that empowers consumers to recognize their potential, set goals for themselves, and make choices about their life. It shall be our goal to foster an environment, which encourages collaborative team management at all levels of the organization. .

Our Philosophy

First Health Services LLC is based on achieving a single goal: to provide the support our consumers need to live full and satisfying lives, while helping them maintain their independence and dignity. Toward this end, we base our philosophy on these key values:

  • Respect. We advocate for our Consumers and respect their privacy, rights, dignity, individuality, and choice. We are customer-focused, person-centered, constantly striving to perfect our services by addressing consumer’s mental and psychosocial needs. We respect our employees by empowering them and valuing their initiative, creativity, and judgment.
  • Value. First Health Services LLC believes that client’s satisfaction and peace of mind are the greatest contributions we can make to our Consumers and their families. It is our goal to continually exceed the expectations of our consumers, families, and employees by immediately addressing issues in a professional manner and constantly striving to deliver the highest level of consumer value through exceptional quality service.
  • Teamwork. Our staff, our consumers, and their families and friends are all equally important members of First Health Services LLC team. We strive to instill in all team members a sincere belief that their consumer contributions are important to our consumer’s well-being – and to the success of our organization.
  • Community. First Health Services LLC shall foster an atmosphere of family and community among staff and consumers – a sense of place and belonging.